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El Nuevo Update de Killer Instinct Corrige los Bugs del Sistema

by on Aug.21, 2014, under Consolas, Internet, News, Varios, Video Juegos, XBOX One, XBOX One

Estamos seguros que a muchos les paso que perdieron sus datos en el juego o ciertos logros o recompensas del juego no eran entregados, pues bien hasta ahora MS decidió arreglar el problema que se tenía desde el principio y con el más reciente parche actualmente ya disponible, se arregla todo esto, claro no esperen recuperar sus datos perdidos, solo ahora hay garantía de que ya no volverá a pasar, entre las ventajas esta que se arreglo también el juego en línea y que los castigos por Jail se pusieron de nuevo a cero, así que todos tienen de nuevo cuenta limpia.

killer instinct 2014 portada criticsight

Aqui el comunicado en ingles:

Jail System Changes

Community feedback is extremely important to us and we are always listening to everyone’s concerns. We recently ran a poll regarding the Jail system and the community voted that we keep the current system in place while we work out the kinks. We were able to identify the most immediate issues reported by the community and came up with a few solutions as we work on upgrading the Jail system even further.

Here are those improvements:

Jail System Reset
– Jail stats will be reset immediately after installing the update. You are all free now!

Improved Arbitration
– Some issues with win/loss tabulation after disconnects have been corrected and the system has been made smarter.

Online Improvements

Online is a core aspect of Killer Instinct and we received a lot of community feedback regarding the lobby and party system. We have implemented the following changes to alleviate these issues:

Revamped Party and Lobby System
– Leaving an online session will now properly leave the Game Party
– Fixed an issue where players cannot rejoin a lobby immediately after leaving a Party
– Fixed general stability issues that would occur when creating a lobby while in a party
– Fixed an issue where players were unable to join a previous lobby session after a disconnect
-Fixed an issue where declining a game invitation would not allow the user to join another session.

Refined Online Play
– Fixed various desync generated from character-specific moves

Reworked Lobby Host Migration Improved – Fixed an issue of all players being booted from lobby when the host left.

General System Fixes

One of our priorities with this update was to fix major issues that have been frequently reported by the community. One problem that kept popping up involved users losing all their hard earned save data. This was the result of a sign in change occurring during certain save operations. This problem has now been resolved with this title update. It is worth noting that if you lost your save data previously there is unfortunately no way to retrieve that data again. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Save System Tweaks
– Addressed an issue where save data was being overwritten during certain save operations.

Miscellaneous Fixes
– Fixed an issue that allowed the user to pause the game during a Dojo demonstration transition screen.
– Fixed an issue that allowed the user to toggle the Half Speed setting during a Dojo demonstration transition screen.
– Fixed an issue where the user was not receiving the correct amount of KP after completing the “Come at Me” and “Block This!” challenges

We’re very happy to get this patch out to everyone and want to thank all KI players and fans for their patience. As always we’ll continue to keep an eye on things as soon as the patch goes live and look forward to Season 2 kicking off October 15th!

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